Sunny With An Occasional Chance of Rainfall!


I got into a fist fight with a guy in trying to decide who among the two of us looked more handsome. It was going fine, I was quite enjoying the verbal sparring spiced with occasional punches. That is until I noticed my ability to coexist in two states at the same time. Yes, you heard me. I was my husband fighting the guy and I was also cheering my husband from the sidelines. Yes, you heard me again! My rational mind immediately kicked in to action to try and make sense of this apparent anomaly. It did not take long to figure out a plausible explanation, rather, the only explanation – the implication of which was enormous. It was inception of course! I’ve somehow finally mastered the art that L DiCaprio so effortlessly portrayed. Excited, I tried to wake my husband up. I mean it was his mind I was  ‘incepting’ and all so it was only fair that I should share my new found talent with him. But try as I might he just wouldn’t cooperate! I was all too aware of the pitfalls of staying in this state of induced slumber for longer than necessary. I mean you saw what happened to L’s wife in the movie. Horrified, I sat up to shake him awake. But wait, what’s this? where is he? I only see the blanket bunched up on his side of the bed. Realization dawns. Sigh, just when life was taking a glamorous turn my castle of cards had to fall down.

Belatedly, I realized it was not inception but rather the effects of conception leading to a befuddled mind 😦

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