Sunny With An Occasional Chance of Rainfall!

A different perspective

When I first became acquainted with the concept of Daylight Saving,  it signified nothing more than a source of inconvenience to me. For all us folks from countries close to the Equator, all it meant was to have to reschedule calls depending on whether the rest was on DLS mode or not.

Last Sunday, DLS crept in again on us unsuspecting (or not in touch with the local news) folks. Weekends are the days to sleep in for most people. So is the case with us.  Pondering over the deliciousness of the Sunday that lay ahead, I lazily opened an eye to look at the time. It should be 11ish, thought my naive self supported by my experienced biological clock. Na-ah, 12:30 pm it is! The evil green digital clock informed me obdurately. Optimistically thinking it should be a technical glitch, I turned towards the cell phone for solace. No luck. Realization dawned – darn DLS! I was outraged at being cheated out of a precious Sunday hour, and consequently upped the crankiness quotient on my otherwise pleasing personality.

After an inordinately late lunch, we decided to go out for a walk. (Gasp! My legs did remember their job and had not atrophied in the last 3 months of being snowed in). The  weather was nice but I was wary. Sensing my misgivings, Spring sent in its messenger, the good old red breasted robin to announce the season’s arrival. On cue, a few hares jumped out of the bushes to greet us but disappeared just as quickly. They could have been relatives of the W. Rabbit muttering “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!”  Neighbors, whose faces I’d not seen so far were out too, smiling, soaking up the sunshine, and preparing the grills for the BBQ parties. Cheers to the joy of waving goodbye to the vestiges of winter and welcoming spring! All this at 7 in the evening when the sun was yet to set. A full one hour later than usual! It’s not so bad after all, DLS has returned the stolen hour, I realized happily.

Later in the evening, as I was clearing up the remains of dinner, H commented “Darn DLS! Now I’ll have to reschedule the calls with the offshore guys again.”

What can I say? Some things never change 😉

P.S.-  Here’s an article on DST and the raging debate on its usefulness. Turns out we aren’t the only ones questioning the futility of the concept.

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The revenge of the avocado

I bought my first ever avocado the other day. Its plethora of nutritional benefits (with a svelte figured model gleefully enjoying an avocado smoothie) have pounded our consciousness for years now. This miracle fruit can be called an angel if such categorization was allowed in the fruit world…you get the drift. So, I decided to give in to the call of the healthy life.

Now, avocado never being part of the diet while I was growing up, left me clueless about how to deal with it. Day 1 therefore saw the aforementioned fruit being respectfully placed on the fruit rack along with the mangoes and watermelon. I can’t be sure but I think I saw it (let’s call it A. for short) roll away towards the other side. A. sure liked to preserve its special status, no hobnobbing with the commoners, this fella.

Day 2 to day 5 were spent eating mangoes and watermelon which were more than eager to show me their pretty faces, A. being blissfully erased from the memory. Day 6- the husband while clearing the refrigerator chanced upon the truant A. and drew my attention to it. Ah yes could i forget thee? I hastily googled possible recipes that would allow me to max out the nutritional benefits yet not be time consuming. Beetroot avocado soup- very high on the health quotient and therefore correspondingly low on the like-ability index. Naturally, out of question. Finally, settling on a smoothie (wonder where that idea came from!) I set to task. Cutting open A. I smelled it. It smelled of vegetable, I noted surprised and discouraged. Too late to back out, i went ahead with the next steps. Scoop – season – blitz – taste. Reaction, ” Eww, now I know why babies don’t like it!” Anyway not one to waste food, I added in the milk and set the blender in motion one more time. Now it was time to pinch my nose and gulp down the concoction. But the lid of the blender jar just won’t open. I gently coaxed, applied pressure and tried every trick to get the lid to open but it remained unmoved.Pun intended. Finally, in a moment of frustration I yanked it off. Whoosh! Yes, splashed in smoothie stood my battered self, assessing the damage around. It appears A. was quite off put by my blatant disregard for itself. Enraged, it had entered into cahoots with my otherwise well-behaved blender jar and the rest is history.

The A. had extracted its revenge (yes it was cold) and I have learnt my lesson i.e. we just wouldn’t click so no point trying to introduce any bonhomie between us. I’d however tip my hat as my mark of respect next time I am passing the avocado aisle in the supermarket. Can’t risk  avocados in various stages of ripening flying out at me, angered no doubt over some perceived sense of  disrespect on my part!


Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans – John Lennon

Oh what infinite joy is it to live life! And more so when you are finally able to grasp the meaning of what ‘living’ actually constitutes.

Prior to my year long sabbatical, life used to be a series of tasks. I’d diligently make out lists everyday and check back at night. The number of tick marks  being directly proportional to my sense of fulfillment/ accomplishment for the day! Yes, a sad life I now know. However, in self-defense I can say it is easy to get carried away in a world where we are routinely subjected to comparisons, and scoffed at should we fail to make the cut. And being passed over is gut-wrenching to say the least. Hence willingly or not, we all participate in this debilitating  cosmic dance of envy, masques et al.

I always prided myself in being able to stay outside the circle, doing my own thing. I thought I knew what I wanted and had work-life balance mastered to the T. I would gladly dispense my 2 cents worth of advice to anyone who’d care to listen. Little did I know how guilty I was of not practising my own preaching. My standards were astronomically high, my peer group for comparison ridiculous. Needless to say I regularly set myself up for failure or rather what  failure meant as perceived by me. I was always in a state of emotional turmoil because I’d often confuse what I did with what I was. The huge load of activities I strove to fulfill each and every day would leave me in a perpetual state of tiredness, yet I trudged on. Who was I to defy Miss Perfection sitting on my head with a cracking whip! It turned into a vicious circle where I would hardly have time for myself. I slowly lost touch with myself, most friends and the joy of living. A few persistent friends, who knew better would badger me to join them for an occasional dinner or shopping spree and boy did I enjoy those little breaks! But my occluded vision would soon make me feel guilty of having a good time and I would rush to play the role of the perfect wife or perfect co-worker or whatever other role I was trying my hand at.

Zoom in to January 2012. The initial euphoria of seeing my husband after a long time has wore off. I have ample free time at hand to do just what I want except (surprise!) I don’t know what to do. It’s a pitiful state and I bemoan the fact that I  do not have  e-mails to check or presentations to dole out. I mean if I am not working isn’t it such a waste of my time?  How do I prove to the world that I’ve done something to justify my use of oxygen for the day? But gradually, all the jitters, the feelings of incompetence, the almost  pathological need to be doing something at all times disappeared to be replaced by a sense of ever lasting calm, better cooking (!), loads of reading, you know stuff that made me happy…

The eureka moment did not come accompanied with a sonic boom announcing its arrival. No, it was something like “aaah…mmm”. ‘Aaah’ being the moment when realisation dawned on me that I was aware of each and every moment of my life and not merely going through the motion of living. ‘Mmm’ owning to really good coffee! Told you, my cooking’s improved. 😉