Sunny With An Occasional Chance of Rainfall!

And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like “I love you”

No, this is not related to the song by RW. This is more to do with my ruminations over a recent experience.  Thanks to the wide reach of social networking I happened to get in touch with a girl I’d been to kindergarten with. That was over twenty years ago and even then we were not on such pally terms so as to swear life-long friendship. Therefore, the friend request received one fine morning was almost destined to be declined. Yet the fingers lingered, something stirred deep within, the mind pondered (you get the picture) and about ten minutes later, the request accepted. That she lived in the vicinity was an added incentive.

After a few days of hanging out online we decided to meet for coffee. “It would be fun to catch up and share memories of old times”, she added cheerfully. Er…”Houston we have a problem”, thought yours truly. The nervousness was justifiable since the extent of my shared past with her spanned learning the alphabets and Itsy Bitsy spider. We had gone to different schools and cities thereafter. In a moment of crisis this is how I imagined the meeting would go. Let’s call this new friend J to maintain anonymity.

Me- Hey! long time… How have you been?

J- Yeah I know! [Gives short description of life thus far]. What’s up with you?

Me- Oh nothing much [ volunteer an even shorter description of life thus far, I am tongue-tied that way]

J and I order our coffees. In a moment of optimism I super-size my Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino. Orders arrive and we settle into comfortable conversation.

J- Hey do you remember those days when Miss T. taught us the alphabets? It took me so long to sing L-M-N-O-P-Q the right way!

Me (smiling)- yes me too! I would always end up singing Elo-Melo-P-Q!!

J (all excited) – And, and do you remember the Itsy Bitsy spider?

Me- Yes, remember how Miss T. taught us the dance along with it and we performed on Annual day?

J- Umm no, I wasn’t part of it.

Me- Oh

J- Hey but the “Go-as-you-like” competition was great too! I was dressed as a pirate? What were you?

Me- Er, I wasn’t part of that competition.

This is that awkward moment when you have run out of things to say and your coffee can’t end soon enough!

Thankfully the actual experience wasn’t quite so horrific, in fact far from it. Though shared memories didn’t go beyond the aforementioned arachnid we did find plenty of other stuff to talk about. Soon it was time to leave. We made further plans of catching up and I was happy at the thought of having enjoyable company and who knows potential friendship too.

This is when she killed my thought bubble. How? Her exact words were ” See you, take care! I love you!” This is when my smile froze. What was I to say? That I loved her too? But I couldn’t right? Because I don’t! I have only just met her. Isn’t love reserved for people you really love and when you say it to them you mean it from deep within your heart? Is it really to be tossed around superficially or maybe confused with like? I don’t know. I changed school remember? Maybe I missed the memo.In the end I could only say “See you” and walk away hoping she did not notice the time lapse between her comment and my response.

What do you think? Has this happened to you too?


The revenge of the avocado

I bought my first ever avocado the other day. Its plethora of nutritional benefits (with a svelte figured model gleefully enjoying an avocado smoothie) have pounded our consciousness for years now. This miracle fruit can be called an angel if such categorization was allowed in the fruit world…you get the drift. So, I decided to give in to the call of the healthy life.

Now, avocado never being part of the diet while I was growing up, left me clueless about how to deal with it. Day 1 therefore saw the aforementioned fruit being respectfully placed on the fruit rack along with the mangoes and watermelon. I can’t be sure but I think I saw it (let’s call it A. for short) roll away towards the other side. A. sure liked to preserve its special status, no hobnobbing with the commoners, this fella.

Day 2 to day 5 were spent eating mangoes and watermelon which were more than eager to show me their pretty faces, A. being blissfully erased from the memory. Day 6- the husband while clearing the refrigerator chanced upon the truant A. and drew my attention to it. Ah yes could i forget thee? I hastily googled possible recipes that would allow me to max out the nutritional benefits yet not be time consuming. Beetroot avocado soup- very high on the health quotient and therefore correspondingly low on the like-ability index. Naturally, out of question. Finally, settling on a smoothie (wonder where that idea came from!) I set to task. Cutting open A. I smelled it. It smelled of vegetable, I noted surprised and discouraged. Too late to back out, i went ahead with the next steps. Scoop – season – blitz – taste. Reaction, ” Eww, now I know why babies don’t like it!” Anyway not one to waste food, I added in the milk and set the blender in motion one more time. Now it was time to pinch my nose and gulp down the concoction. But the lid of the blender jar just won’t open. I gently coaxed, applied pressure and tried every trick to get the lid to open but it remained unmoved.Pun intended. Finally, in a moment of frustration I yanked it off. Whoosh! Yes, splashed in smoothie stood my battered self, assessing the damage around. It appears A. was quite off put by my blatant disregard for itself. Enraged, it had entered into cahoots with my otherwise well-behaved blender jar and the rest is history.

The A. had extracted its revenge (yes it was cold) and I have learnt my lesson i.e. we just wouldn’t click so no point trying to introduce any bonhomie between us. I’d however tip my hat as my mark of respect next time I am passing the avocado aisle in the supermarket. Can’t risk  avocados in various stages of ripening flying out at me, angered no doubt over some perceived sense of  disrespect on my part!