Sunny With An Occasional Chance of Rainfall!


on June 18, 2012

The picture clicked by my husband had inspired the following write-up (sometime in 2008). It remains one my favorites still.

Image (C)-Anindo Basu -Trip to Nandi Hills 2008

I looked up at the trees, their branches spreading far & wide,

A fusion of brown & green, without a single bloom in sight.


Embracing each other, valiantly trying to blot out the sky,

An intricate work of lace they look, I thought with a pitying sigh.


Thinking it wise to point it out, I spoke to them in a kind voice,

“You form a patchwork on the azure canvas”, said I, bereft of choice.


Happy to have enlightened them, I waited to hear a grateful reply,

Instead they maintained a gentle repose, as though it were all a lie.


Indignant at having been spurned, I ploughed on with increasing zeal,

“How foolish to fight the mighty one, when you don’t even reach its heel!”


“And you are not even all that pretty,” I threw in for added measure,

Unaware of my pettiness, I smiled smugly, consumed in pervert pleasure.


At last, the trees looked at me, and spoke, as a gentle breeze caressed my face,

“Dear one, don’t mistake us as one of you, your dreams are not for us to chase.


Beauty, power, fame or wealth matter not, what matters is that we are free,

Caught up within your worldly charms, that our friend you can never be!”


Humbled by this glaring truth, past offences made my conscience prick,

I felt ashamed of all the dreams that were thus far immortalized in brick.

2 responses to “Chastened.

  1. Preethi says:

    Its beautiful!!! Proud of u – u shud write more – uve a great talent!

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