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For the love of biryani

on March 10, 2012

Last night Mr.H walked for miles battling harsh weather. It was getting late yet,ignoring exhaustion he trudged on to hunt his prey and bring home food to the frantic wife.

Okay, it wasn’t quite so dramatic. He may have walked for 3 miles or so and the prey in question was authentic biryani. Truth be told, I was more frantic for the b than the H. You’d appreciate the situation better if you are a biryani lover fanatic and have been deprived of this heavenly delight for more than six months! No distance is too far, no expense too great when it comes to this cuisine of the kings. In fact, if Maslow had been acquainted, he might have put biryani at every level of the need hierarchy. Slight stretch of imagination that, but you get the drift.

I,personally have been quite late in joining the bandwagon but I sure am glad to have not missed the train! I remember, during the college days of weekend dating with H, Lazeez  used to be a regular haunt for us. (I don’t remember visiting any religious places with such regularity!) H, not surprisingly would order the mutton dum biryani while I would settle for roti and some meat curry. I really did not understand what the fuss was all about and don’t even get me started on the myriad varieties available. He would pity my choice and may have addressed me as “Ye of unspeakable gastronomic appreciation or the lack there of”. I can’t be sure. Yet, with unabated energy he shepherded me from haunt to haunt initiating me to the different forms of the dish till I developed my own  taste and preference. 

Circa 2011, Bangalore. It was a Tuesday night in June . I asked H what he felt about going to Hyderabad for the weekend. “What for?”, he asked, one eyebrow raised. ” To visit Paradise and experience an eat-all-you-can biryani weekend”,said I casually. I may have been consulting him for the monthly grocery list, such was the nonchalance in my demeanor. Now, both eyebrows were raised, his eyes had assumed circular proportions and he had to quickly refer to the calendar. No, it wasn’t 1st of April and indeed I was serious. H broke into a gleeful smile and agreed to the proposition. The prodigal partner (read wife/ erstwhile Ye of unspeakable gastronomic appreciation or the lack there of) had come around. 🙂

P.S.- the Hyderabad trip was a memorable one with its charming historic influence that made eating biryani an even more royal experience.

2 responses to “For the love of biryani

  1. SB says:

    Ha..ha… There can’t be a better title for this, looks like you have had blogging genes within you all along… 😉

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